Arizona Elks Major projects

Board of Directors
                                                             President      - Michael Giannetta Wilcox # 2131
                                                             Vice President - John Fuller         Yuma # 476 
                                                             Secretary      - Randy Appel         Chandler # 2429 
                                                             Treasurer      - Hank Thonnard       Lake Havasu City # 2399
                                                             SOUTH          - Alfred "Al" Skorupski   Catalina Mountain # 22815 
                                                             EAST           - Steve Like        Chandler # 2429 
                                                             NORTH          - Dennis Holt         Jerome # 1361
                                                             NORTH          - Larry Legge         Show Low # 2090

                                                             Executive Director – Richard Ross Douglas # 955 
                                                             Assistant          - Megin Goetz     Tucson East # 2532 
                                                             Statutory Agent    - Tom Sylvester         Tucson East # 2532 
                                                             Member At Large    - Larry Carver  Kingman # 468
                                                             Ex-Officio Member  - Susan "Sue" Krausman   Sierra Vista # 2065 
                                                             Financial Advisor  - Bob Burns             Tucson East # 2532
District Representatives
                                                                EAST  - Grover Ramsey                 Chandler # 2429 
                                                                NORTH - Richard "Rick" Kimberly    Sedona # 2291 
                                                                SOUTH - John Olson               Tucson East # 2532 
                                                                WEST  - Robert "Bob" Gleason       Sun City # 2559
Camp Advisory Committee
                                                            Chairman - Dennis Appel        Chandler # 2429
                                                            East     - Chris Repass        Casa Grande Valley # 1957
                                                            North    - David Whitmore      Show Low # 2090
                                                            South    - Tom Miller          San Manuel # 2007 
                                                            West     - Larry Bodwell       Phoenix # 335
Ed Warner Globe-Miami # 489
                                                                   EAST  - Randy Appel     Chandler # 2429 
                                                                   NORTH - David Whitmore  Show Low # 2090
                                                                   SOUTH - Mike Seeley     Ajo # 1576 
                                                                   WEST  - Larry Bodwell   Phoenix # 335


MP Per Capita Winners 2021-2022

East – Chandler # 2429 ($25.36)

South – San Manuel # 2007 ($26.31)

West – Wickenburg # 2160 ($29.25)

North – Chino Valley # 2842 ($63.05)

During the October Mid-Year Meeting Exalted Rulers March and the AEMP business session, a total of $99,899.34 was donated to continue the great works our Association does for the Children of Arizona. A full-sized pick-up truck load of diapers, wipes, toys, and beanies that were donated for Steele Children’s Research Center were delivered to Steele in November.

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Arizona Elks Major Projects (AEMP) – Message

Richard Ross

AEMP June Newsletter

Founded in 1910, the Arizona Elks Association (AEA) mission is the same today as it was then, “to provide service to our communities and country”. We have two “Major Projects” that help us support that very mission; The University of Arizona’s Steele Children’s Research Center and the Jack C. Warter, Jr. Youth Camp.

The Arizona Elks Major Projects (AEMP) commitment to the work of the Steele Children’s Research Center began in 1992. Arizona Elks have made a significant difference in children’s health raising more than $9 million for Steele.  In 2022, we began a 5 year commitment to raise $2.5 million dollars for Steele that is focused on healthy brain development in children through the protection against injury; nutrition and brain development; and causes, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries. Arizona Elks provide direct support for the Marvin Lewis Pediatric Teaching Center, the Arizona Elks Pediatric Clinic, the Phoenix Translational Research Center, and have endowed three chairs at the Steel Children’s Research Center.  The Nanotechnology Research Chair is making major research discoveries about potentially fatal diseases; the Statewide Pediatric Research Chair helped establish the Phoenix Branch of Steele in order to treat a greater number of children in the state; and the Technology and Innovation Fund invests in the latest cutting edge instruments to ensure scientists have the tools to discover breakthroughs for children.  On the sixth floor of the Steele Center Research Tower, three laboratories were underwritten by the Arizona Elks. Our support has facilitated critical research and helped the physicians, scientists and researchers make new discoveries, teach the next generation of scientists, and heal the children of Arizona and others.

The Jack C. Warter, Jr. Youth Camp is a “wilderness camp” located 22 miles south of Young, AZ off of Hwy 288. The camp is on 7 ½ acres of forested land alongside Workman Creek in the Sierra Ancha Mountains of the Tonto National Forest. The camp is fully self-contained with a septic system, solar power, and well water.  The camp does not have heat or A/C and the sloped terrain at the camp could impact those with physical limitations. The remote location of the camp prevents cellular phone service however the camp has a satellite phone in case of an emergency.  The AEMP offers the camp to qualified Youth Groups free of charge though we do not offer staff, counselors, programs, or activities to the groups using the camp. Groups using the camp are prohibited from bringing alcohol or firearms to the camp. Youth groups wishing to use the camp must be chartered, insured, and pay a refundable deposit to book the camp.  The camp is open from May thru September and is available for booking on January 1st of each year on a first come, first served basis through the AEMP website.  

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Youth Camp – Globe, AZ

Located 40 miles Northeast of Globe, AZ, the Arizona Elks Youth Camp is one of our two Major Projects

Photo: Youth Camp – Globe, AZ


UA Steele Children’s Research Center

Located at the University of Arizona in Tucson, the UA Steele Center is a Major Project of the Arizona Elks Association.

“Our mission is to teach, to heal, and to discover.”