Soccer Shoot Committee

                                                     Title                        Name              Lodge
                                                     State Chairperson    -       Ray Stock         Jerome # 1361
                                                     District Chairperson - East  Frank Buso        Kearny # 2478
                                                     District Chairperson - North Kyle Davis        Page # 2498
                                                     District Chairperson - South Bob Burns         Tucson East # 2532
                                                     District Chairperson - West  Esther Cota       Sun City # 2559

Soccer Shoot Page

2019-2020 Important Soccer Shoot Dates
(If you would like to participate contact your local Lodge which will have a contest before the below dates)

District Competitions
East District                                                    West District
South District                                                   North District

State Competition
in Tempe, AZ