FRS Committee

                                                    Title                        Name                     Lodge
                                                    State Chairperson    -       Charyll Mckean     Jerome # 1361 
                                                    District Chairperson - East  Angie Buso         Kearney # 2478
                                                    District Chairperson - North Janet Leuer        Jerome #1361
                                                    District Chairperson - South Alane Asp          Catalina Mountain # 2815
                                                    District Chairperson - West  Rich Kovaleski     Phoenix West # 2729 

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Examples below

Lodge 2581 Mapping example    Lodge 2581 Budget example   Lodge 2581 Beginning Balance example    Lodge 2581 Actuals -March 19 example

Lodge 2581 FY18-19 Actuals example

Templates (these are in CVS format)

Mapping Template    Budget Template    Actuals Template    


FRS Examples, Templates, Training Sharepoint Link

2019 Mid-Year Convention Training Slideshow